Something about….. Etna morning Jeep Tour

Our Etna Morning Jeep Tour was created to give everyone the chance to discover the most important places on Etna at an altitude of 2,000 metres. You will walk along paths not spoilt by mass tourism and appreciate the local flora and fauna. The tour will highlight different aspects of the volcano, such as its nature and resources, its sensational landscapes and its impressive lava flows that have destroyed roads and buildings. On Etna, in fact, there are more than 300 craters on its sides that are now extinct. You will arrive at a belvedere, where you will admire the panorama of the Valle del Bove, the most important valley on the east side of the volcano.  The excursion is carried out exclusively on board our 4X4 jeeps.

Fifth paroxysm in seven days

Etna erupted again last night, the fifth eruption in a week. It generated lava jets up to a thousand metres high above the South-East crater. The activity produced an eruptive column that rose several kilometres above the top of the mountain. At the same time, two small lava flows formed, one in the direction of the desert Bove Valley and the other in a south-westerly direction.

Etna: South-East Crater: new paroxysmal activity

A new paroxysmal activity occurred yesterday morning on Etna. In this case too, it affected the South East Crater, where high lava fountains appeared. The new phenomenon was preceded by a lava overflow, with the flow then heading towards the deserted Valle del Bove.

The eruptive cloud produced by the explosive activity then dispersed in an east-southeast direction causing ash fallout.

Etna Spectacular: Eruption and high smoke column

Etna returns to erupt, recording a strong explosive activity from the South-East crater and the emission of a high cloud of lava ash that has dispersed to the south. From the same “mouth” emerged a lava overflow that has given rise to numerous phenomena: lava fountains, a giant cloud of ash above the mountain and volcanic lapilli arrived up to Catania. The column of smoke is visible from over a hundred kilometers. However, it seems that the event is not particularly worrying from the point of view of public safety: the lava fountains have reached a height of many hundreds of meters, but the lava flow is directed as usual to the Valle del Bove, a high altitude basin far from any inhabited center.

Etna strombolian activity of the southeast crater

Etna does not stop and since tonight has begun again to erupt lava fountains from the South-East Crater. The National Institute of Geophysics and Volcanology, Etnean Observatory, explained that since the early hours of February 15 has been observed a gradual intensification of explosive activity at the Southeast Crater. While the activity is continuous at the eastern mouth of the same crater, have been observed sporadic and sometimes violent explosions at the “mouth of the saddle”. Continues – always explains the Ingv – the intracraterial explosive activity in the craters Bocca Nuova, Voragine and Northeast. Relative to the average amplitude of the volcanic tremor this had already shown by the early hours of this morning a tendency to increase. From about 16 hours has been recorded even a more significant increase. The source of the tremor is located below the SE Crater, at a depth of about 2900m. The infrasonic activity appears to be high, both for the frequency of occurrence of infrasonic transients and for their amplitude.

Diving Tour

Finally today we return to WATER!

After months in the dry, the sensations experienced underwater are indescribable, the happiness that shone on our faces, the immense joy of being in nature, are worth a thousand words.

We found a luxuriant marine ecosystem, a long period of quiet, no or very few human activities have meant that marine biodiversity has benefited greatly. For many years we had not observed such a luxuriant indigenous algal cover rate, so many sea urchins, molluscs and the most diverse fish species! Now it’s up to us to continue the path that nature has shown us.

Happy Bubbles Divers friends of the globe!