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Necessity, Will and a lot of Passion for nature, the best formula to enhance our Sicilian territory. This is the basis of our project to rediscover all the hidden beauties of our island. Contact our tour operator and we will organise your dream holiday in Sicily or simply to book a flight, a holiday home, a hotel, an inflatable boat trip and much more.

Andrea Lo Bue

He is known as the ‘Director’ and is the big boss! With a thousand ideas, tireless, he would spend his whole life immersed in nature. In 2005, after graduating in Biological Sciences, he began working as an environmental guide, founding “BIOSICILIA”. Between one excursion and another, he obtained a PhD in Environmental Sciences: marine environment and resources. Specialised in Marine Biology and Natural Disasters, after an experience in Australia, he is part of an Italian research group in South East Asia. Lecturer in Integrated Sciences in Public School. In 2014 he returned to Italy and founded ETNA & SEA EXCURSION, acquiring the qualifications of AIGAE Guide, IDEA Dive Instructor, HSA Dive Buddy, Scientific Diver CEDIP/SIAS. Languages spoken ENGLISH, ITALIAN

Alessio Puglisi

You will never tire of laughing at his jokes! Always smiling, he embodies the brightness of the Sicilian people. After graduating from the Liceo Linguistico, she decided to explore the world, sailing halfway around the world with COSTA CROCIERE and MSC. This experience consolidated her mastery of foreign languages and tourist reception. In 2018, she decided to join the ETNA & SEA EXCURSION family. A piece of advice, after work always look for him on a football pitch…as a good Italian he will always be there! Languages spoken: ENGLISH, FRENCH, SPANISH, ITALIAN

Orazio Romano

Always smiling, dynamic and sunny as the Sicilian sun. Since 2015 engaged in numerous tourism projects, he takes his first steps within CLUB MED as Sailing Instructor and Lifeguard Assistant and then moves to the mountains as Snowboard and Ski Officer. Since 2019, he fully enters the ETNA & SEA EXCURSION family, asserting himself for an innate ability to manage customers. Languages spoken: FRENCH, ENGLISH, ITALIAN


Always enthusiastic about new adventures, in love with his land and the Etna volcano. He will never tire of telling you about the myths and legends of Sicily. Of Italian-French origin, he spent his childhood home schooling with his family around the world, traveling from Tunisia to Senegal from India to China. Back in Sicily, he spent his adolescence in the village of strawberries, a small village at the foot of Etna, the starting point for his endless bike rides around the volcano in search of new caves. He goes to live in Ragusa Ibla (Inspector Montalbano’s film set) where he studies languages ​​and works as a pizza chef, then the pandemic arrives and decides to get involved and follow his dreams: to make his land known to the world. Spoken languages: ENGLISH, FRENCH, ITALIAN

Kevin Costa

Passionate about languages and literature, he has always been in love with his city and its natural landscapes. In 2021 he graduated with honors from the University of European Languages and Literatures in Catania, specializing in English, Spanish and French. With him you will not go home empty-handed! Passionate about social media and photography, between one explanation and another, he will make sure to enrich your experience with quality photos and videos. A day spent with him is a guaranteed smile. Languages Italian, English, Spanish and French


Fanatic of the mountain panorama, he joins the Etna & Sea tribe in 2023. Lover of travel and foreign cultures, nature and trekking, constantly seeking adventure. Dynamic never stops, improving day after day. Always ready to transmit knowledge and emotions to more people. Languages spoken: ENGLISH, ITALIAN

Laura Marinelli

Her energy will envelop you, always smiling, she is a river of ideas in full flow! Just like a Sicilian woman knows how to be, she is the glue that unites all the extravagant personalities in our family. Since 2014 she has been a BIOSICILIA/IDEA Nature Guide specialising in Water Tourism, Snorkelling, Coastal Trekking and Photo Safari, and in the same year she co-founded ETNA & SEA EXCURSION. When she is not working in the field, she works as Webmaster and Marketing Manager. Behind the screen, the emails, the phone you will always find her, to be sanctified! Languages spoken: ITALIAN, CURRENTLY STUDYING ENGLISH.

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